Cecil Benjamin
is passionate to help people start business and do business better. He co-founded Benkorp with wife Jeanette in 1985, for business and management consulting.

Cecil’s activities in countries Philippines, India, Kenya, Uganda, SE Asia and his home Australia, have been; speaking at conferences, teaching and mentoring including personal one-to-one and small groups – mainly about business and money management. NGOs and churches have used Cecil’s expertise and relational style to assist with community development projects to assist people start and grow all forms of micro businesses such as village traders, farmers and service businesses.

Cecil has worked on sustainability projects for NGOs seeking to develop their own forms of self-funding.

Cecil is an innovator for methods and procedures to streamline administration. These innovations are shared in his first book, and therefore includes many unique features drawn directly from successful use in mentoring many people to start their own businesses and NGOs – from remote villages in developing countries to inner city suburbs of Sydney Australia. Stories from these countries are inspiring and challenging, farmers, cafes, market stalls, even football field.

Cecil established Chilli Mentoring to focus his services exclusively for speaking, mentoring for businesses and NFP/NGOs.Cecil is passionate to help people start businesses and to do their business well.

He has been teaching and mentoring for businesses and NGO-NFPs for over 40 years in Australia, Africa, India and SE Asian countries. His background is in management accounting and together with wife Jeanette has led their own consulting businesses for 20 years, including a business while living in Cambodia.

Much of this experience he is sharing for readers to learn and apply in their business.

Cecil and his wife are based in Sydney and he travels widely to speak, teach and mentor.

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