Holidays are for our soul

Holidays (vacations) are a break from the hustle and bustle.

We are constantly being cajoled into the extraordinary, more, bigger, better, more more more

Our soul needs a break from all of this, and an opportunity to rest, to rejuvenate.

Holidays are for our soul.

Our bodies can continue into action . .

Our minds will continue thinking . .

Sleep seems sufficient to recoup. However, recuperate is not the same as rejuvenate.

When we have a reasonable amount of sleep we can continue with the routines, the daily life, the work, the family life, the studies, and the ordinary lives we are meant to live.  This is when we talk about being busy, life being hectic, and the pressure is intense.  Somehow we seem to ‘push on’. It’s almost become a badge of success in life to say, in response to the usual question, “How are you?”, “Oh I’m as busy as ever”.

But what about our soul.

Our soul is very special. Our soul is so uniquely us, me and you.

Our soul needs more than the daily sleep.

Our soul needs a break-away, away from all the ‘more, more, more’.

Our soul needs a holiday.

We demand so much from our soul. In our current age there is so much pressure on us for more – more output, more input, more action, more success, more money, more wealth, more getting, more of everything. I wonder if there is also an expectation for more giving, the demand for more donations is fed by the demand for more of everything else. While some people are getting more, others are falling more – into poverty.

So, where can all this “more” come from? Where will you get your “more”.

The only place it can come from is deep inside us – our soul. The wellspring of our lives is our soul. The depths of our being from where our creative flows.

Our soul is where our real life comes from, grows on, feasts and prospers on.

Our soul, your soul and my soul, is the locus of the source of our lives.

At the same time, our soul is the inner-theatre from which we act-out the play that is our outward life.

So, holidays are for our soul.

You may think you are going for some rest and relaxation, even some tourist activities.

Actually, when we allow ourselves to break-away from the ordinary and take a vacation/holiday, we are giving our soul an opportunity to rejuvenate.

I just saw an advertisement “relax more”. This just highlights just how much we are subjected to more, coaxed into realms of more.

Stop! and realise that your holidays/vacation are for your soul.

Have you planned your next holiday? where and when are you going?

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