Mentoring is a place with a person of trust

During the past 2 months in my break from posting I have participated in several events related to my mentoring. I was privileged to speak with groups of the CPAs (Certified Practicing Accountants) and students at UON (University of Newcastle, Sydney campus). It is clear that Mentoring is an emerging need amongst students as they hear more about it and learn about how it happens.

This is parallel with the increasing use of the services of Mentors in the marketplace.

I believe there is a growing interest in mentoring by people at all stages of their careers and business development. From the time of tertiary studies, before embarking on a career, and before starting a business, as well as people already engaged in business, people are wanting to know “what will I do, how do I get started, what is the way forward for me, what is the future along this path?”

There are 5 main reasons for this upsurge in the call for Mentoring

  1. people are away from their roots
    Significant change in domestic and cultural situations. Many people are not living in their original families or communities-of-origin for various reasons. The result is that people are cut-off from their roots and the places and people that were once the sources of ‘wisdom for the future’.
  2. there are new businesses in new fields, there is no experience to rely on
    People are in or have opportunities to work in areas in which they have no experience and they do not know anyone in their circle with such experience
  3. old networks, traditional connections, for intellectual resources are not applicable
    Previously people could rely on friends, family, school and similar networks for their connections. Nowadays they are not as reliable, they are lost, the older generations of people with those types of connections are dead
  4. there are new career paths and new approaches to career, the old ‘career for life’ is gone
    In former days it was possible to leave school and get a job which could launch a career, leave university and rely on the degree as the entry point for a career. This is no longer applicable
  5. the desire for people to have a constant relationship, a companion in their working life
    Many people prefer to have someone to talk with about their work, business or career who is not part of the organisation or even the network in which they themselves move. They look for an independent person in whom they can trust to discuss vision, dreams and issues.

This is a new era in the marketplace – strange for newcomers and uncertain for people who have been in it for awhile. This is the setting for the place of mentoring and the need to have a companion to trust for journey

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