New assignment, new challenge, for Cecil Benjamin

Cecil has been accepted for an Australian Volunteers for International Development (AVID) assignment in Cambodia from April for 3 months.

The AVID program is an Australian Government initiative, and the assignments were developed by the not for profit organisation ABV in consortium with Scope Global a delivery partner of the AVID program.

For those of you new to ABV

ABV’s vision is: to alleviate poverty by using business expertise to drive inclusive economic growth and well-being. The focus is capacity development through the transfer of business skills.

If you know Cecil, you will recognise that these values are also behind Cecil’s own vision and passion.

The assignment is for him to  work with the local NGO,  Live & Learn Environmental Education Cambodia, based in Phnom Penh, which  is part of the International Network Live & Learn,, based out of Melbourne, Australia.

The challenge is to assist the management team and staff to update all  the finance and administration systems for compliance and reporting. It is a great opportunity to be with the local team who are looking to grow their own effectiveness  and enhance the engagement of  their  organisation within the Cambodian society and economy.

Cecil has been involved with many NGOs, projects and businesses in Cambodia since 2005. So he expects this will be another opportunity to help in capacity development.

This pic highlights one of the JV projects of L&L EE Cambodia to support people to setup savings clubs, save and start businesses. The lady, Ms Sovann Chen, has done just that. She supports her family of 5, with businesses started out of these new savings, and lives  in a floating home on the Tonle Sap.

Whilst Cecil’s assignment is not in the communities with the projects, L&L EE Cambodia are keen to improve their internal financial management which will enhance their capacity to support more projects more effectively. It is essential for NGOs to constantly improve their own financial, administrative and operational processes and procedures in order to build sustainability for long term viability of the organisation. By implementing best practice internally the NGO can influence practice with clients in their projects. Together it will deliver effective solutions for people and their communities across Cambodia.

Cecil’s assignment will be working with the management team led by local Director Socheath SOU to improve and enhance the financial management and compliance processes for L&L EE Cambodia.

During his assignment in Cambodia Cecil will continue with occasional posts and articles from his base at Chilli Mentoring.

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