Passion For Vision

4 Aspects for Your New Business or Growing Your Business

Clear Vision & Purpose

An idea, dream or vision is all you may have to start with. A clear vision is essential to help you know where you are going with your business, for the long term and for the day-to-day. When the going get’s tough you need to be sure of what it’s all for.

Confident for Your Path Ahead

Confidence in yourself, your skills and of course your passion. Being confident will enable you to face the challenges of doing business - the good points and seemingly too-hard obstacles.


Action Plan & Strategy

It is impossible to build or grow anything that is going to be effective without a plan. The form of a “business plan” is not the point, I will guide you to develop a descriptive plan that will be yours and that you can implement and follow. We will use the Business Builder Grid*


Chilli Mentoring: Cambodia

Chilli Mentoring is a division of Benkorp Management Services in Australia, and Benkorp has had a base in Cambodia for SE Asia for 12 years.  Since 2015 Chilli Mentoring has been represented in Cambodia by Elizabeth Touch the principal of E’s Trading Shoppe.

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