Purpose has 2 Positions – the importance of purpose

Purpose is one of those things that helps us get up in the morning.

Purpose has many purposes of its own. Purpose is what causes us to drive ourselves to work, to work longer hours, harder, go further and in increasingly strained conditions.  Purpose gives us the motivation to move ahead, to do things, to set goals – purpose to live life.

When we have a purpose we will go to extraordinary lengths to try and achieve the goals that are   the subject of the purpose.

While purpose is essential for us individually it is also important for the people around us.

There are 2 positions for purpose:

The first position for purpose, is about our understanding of our own purpose. This is one of the essential reasons in life that will help us ‘get-up in the morning’. The other part of this purpose is about my belief in the possibilities for success in this purpose – but that is another story.

Purpose gives meaning to all those other aspects of our future to which we give attention – goals, vision, plans and so on. When we are clear about our purpose we can be determined, concentrated and focussed on our goals.

The second position for purpose is for those people who are involved with us. These maybe associates or partners in a venture such as a business, or employees of our business, fellow employees for whom yo are responsible as a manager or supervisor. Everyone on your team needs purpose and it is your responsibility to make clear the purpose of the activity in which you are all involved. Without a clear purpose for their activity people will lose heart, become ineffective, lose morale and wane in their interest for being involved at all.

Experiences of this occur often, unfortunately, such as when I go to a store to buy something but none of the assistants shows any interest in serving me, or when I telephone for support and am left on-hold for an extra long time, or with the trades person who doesn’t show-up on an appointment.

Be alert for your 2 Positions for Purpose: are you clear about your Purpose? and, are you sure that your people are clear on the same Purpose too?

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