The Book



1. People starting business – in developing countries and in Australia

2. People wanting to grow their business

3. NGOs wanting to develop financial sustainability for their organisation

4. Businesses in Australia or USA wanting to support business development in developing countries, in the way Cecil is doing, such as getting involved yourselves, by teaching or mentoring.

This book has THE SPICY EDGE because of the UNIQUE APPROACH to starting a business.

You may think you do not have enough money to start a business – follow Cecil’s specially designed savings program.

Learn how to make it YOUR BUSINESS

How to set a strong foundation before opening the doors – personal foundation and supports.

UNIQUE TOPICS for business starters:

  • 4 Tools
  • 4 Keys
  • 4 Skills and
  • the 4 Steps Method

UNIQUE GRIDS for structure, planning and monitoring:

  • The Business Builder Grid
  • Cash Control Grid
  • Planning Grid
  • Profit Manager Grid
  • Learn how to save by using Cecil’s unique 10 Period Savings Grid

Read an extract from the book here.

How you can get your copy of this book

Print: contact Cecil directly

Kindle: click here for Kindle

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