What does it mean for everyone to live well?

Financial Sustainability

A series to delve into the challenges of achieving Financial Sustainability for us all

Financial Sustainability is a key issue in our societies in these days, maybe like never before.

There are so many factors that are causing this situation, and not just in my country or your country – this is a worldwide phenomenon.

I am talking about this because of the impact of the issues around Financial Sustainability on *NFPs and their clients. I trust that this will be of interest for you, to stir your thinking and maybe encourage you into action by involvement in helping people into Financial Sustainability.

This is not just theory, more statistics, another review or investigation. For these reasons I want to continue to help these people find solutions and practical ways for their Financial Sustainability.

Everyone wants to be able to live their life without having to worry about whether or not they will have enough of the essentials required to live tomorrow and for the foreseeable future.

During the past 12 years I have been actively involved with both *NFPs and their clients in several  countries – so called developing and developed countries. The common theme is that people everywhere strive for sustainable lifestyles.

Recently I gave a presentation to the *NFP interest group of the CPAs in Sydney, Australia (certified practising accountants). All of the people attending are involved in the activities of the NFP organisations in various capacities, such as finance and accounting, management, as professionals and volunteers. It is interesting that even in this setting the issue of Financial Sustainability is very real.

Attendees were able to voice their own concerns for Financial Sustainability in this sector of society, highlighting some of the factors such as cutbacks in government funding and grants, budget constraints of corporate donors and changes in giving patterns of personal donors.

“So,” you will ask, “how can I be involved?”

As you follow this conversation with me, here are four ways that you can get involved:

  1. join me in visiting a place in Australia or another country where you can teach and/or mentor people by sharing your knowledge, experience or skills.
  2. if you work in, or volunteer in, a *NFP organisation, you can help develop Financial Sustainability there. You can do this by following this conversation, participate with your ideas, feedback and comments. Implement what you can where you are – don’t wait for someone else to start.
  3. help someone start a business, and if you are not sure how to do that, then learn with me.
  4. join in with a *NFP/NGO who is offering or will offer to help people develop their Financial Sustainability

Yes, you can actively do something and make a difference by your own life and for the lives of other people. At this beginning point I encourage you to realise that you can contribute, and therefore you can make a difference.

You are welcome to join me for this journey

*NFP, NGO refers to Not for Profit and Non Government Organisations

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